"I started writing lyrics when I was 15, composing beats a year later, then producing and recording my own music by the age of 17. In my time I have had the pleasure of working with many great artists from all over the world, some of which still represent my label 'Kingsley Records' which was Formerly known as Kill-A-Instinct or 'K.I'

I have made hundreds of songs and dozens of videos for many albums, performed in many different countries across the globe. I have had my music published in film and written about in magazines and a few T.V appearances.

To everyone who has supported and helped me I just want to say thank you. Nothing brings me more joy than having my music appreciated... except actually making it"

CRYPTIC, also known as Mr. Kingsley or 'Legoman Malfunctionz' when It comes to production, is a deep, passionate lyricist and all round musical marvel. Born in London and true to his Caribbean roots, 'Crypy' is one of the most talented and coveted Independant artists of this generation.